Charter Policy

Payment Policy:
A minimum deposit of $200 per coach is required to confirm service.
Customers with pre-approved credit are not subject to the minimum deposit requirement. Confirmation is based on availiablity at the time deposit is received. A tentative motorcoach or trip reservation may be canceled by Victory Travel if a deposit is not received within fourteen (14) days of the contract date. Full payment is due two (2) weeks prior to date of travel. Please make all checks payable to Victory Travel. Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards are accepted. A convenience fee of 3.0 percent of the total amount due will be added.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Returned Check Policy:
A $35 service fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made fourteen (14) days or less are subject to a forfeiture of deposit. For any charters canceled prior to fourteen (14) days, the deposit will be refunded less a $75.00 administrative fee. A $300.00 per coach cancellation fee is applied if the coach is canceled after reporting for the trip. In addition, all deposits may be subject to non-refundable charges by hotels, other carriers, attractions and events.

The charges quoted are based on motorcoaches of sufficient seating capacity to accommodate the chartering party. The carrier reserves the right to subcontract equipment of similar type from another carrier when deemed necessary.

Prices may include hotels, motorcoach transportation, meals, tours and attractions as indicated by the itinerary. All prices are subject to change based on receipt of final itinerary. Any unexpected itinerary changes made by the customer may result in additional charges and will be billed accordingly.

No Smoking Policy:
Smoking is strictly prohitited on all motorcoaches.
Frequent comfort stops will be made for smoking, use of public restrooms, etc. In addition, smoking rooms at the hotels must be requested at the time of the reservation. If no preference is indicated, non-smoking rooms will be assigned.

No Alcohol Policy:
Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on all motorcoaches.

Liability for Delays:
Carrier will not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, inclement weather, bad road conditions and other conditions beyond its control. If the carrier deems conditions inadvisable to operate charter service, the carrier shall not be liable or held responsible for damage for any reason whatsoever. Additional costs for transportation, meals and lodging will become the responsibility of the chartering party in this regard.

Objectionable Persons:
Carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct is such as to make him or her objectionable to the other passengers or the safe operation of the motorcoach.

Cleanliness/Damage to Equipment:
If excessive cleaning is necessary, outside of what represents standard cleaning procedures, the chartering party will be billed accordingly for time spent restoring the coach to pre-trip condition. Any damage to seats, windows, toilet or other equipment associated with the coach caused by any member of the chartering party, shall be the responsiblity of the chartering party.

Drivers Hours of Service:
By law, a driver is only allowed a maximum of ten hours actual driving time after which he/she must have at least eight consecutive hours off duty. In addition, a driver can only have a maximum on-duty period of 15 hours, after which they must have at least eight consecutive hours off duty. For contracts that exceed these limits, extra driver charges or additional layover charges may apply.

Disclosures and Liability:
Victory Travel
is not responsible for any damage, loss, delay, injury or accident due to any act of default of another company or person engaged in providing transportation, lodging, sightseeing or other services which are a part of the trip.